Located in the heart of Karlsruhe, Germany. A vibrant cultural city in the border triangle of Germany, Switzerland, and France. DCS CONTEMPORARY produces exhibitions, publications, discursive, and learning experiences to forge an interpretive understanding of local and global phenomena in art and society.

The gallery works with talented local and global artists of renowned stature and offers spaces to young artists it considers promising. We support our artists in dynamic exhibitions and projects and pay special attention to our audiences and clients’ intellectual and aesthetic interests. Creating bridges between artists and art passionate.

With over 20 years of experience in the arts, Founder and Director Dr. Dana Corina Schmidt embrace diasporic voices, utilizing the space as a platform for exhibitions, museum visitations, public lectures, performing arts, new media. As well as a meeting point for artists, curators, scholars, and writers.

Contemporary Art Gallery

Karlstrasse 43, 76133 Karlsruhe
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Peter Hillert

Peter Hillert

photographer    musician   producer

Peter Hillert is born 1961 in Baden-Baden, Germany. As a cosmopolitan freelancer he is producing and travelling in studios and on location for more than 35 years on behalf of his national and international clients. His inspiration and passion began with his apprenticeship as a photographer in the studio of his father Hubert Hillert.

As an assistant to international renowned fashion and still life photographers such as Gerard Gentil New York, Frank Hayden Capetown, Beege Germany and many more, he traveled the metropolises of the world. Today he portraits renowned ar­tists from the show business e.g. Marla Glen Chicago, Andre Heller Austria, Andre Rieu Germany, SAR Stefan Anton Reck Italy. He also stages products of all kinds in the studio of industry and commerce. Musical instruments, food, motocycles, wine, health care articles, electronic products, colourful and truecolour reproductions of paintings and much more, He is active for a global group on large scale construction projects for the production of calendars and other print medias. He is leading the way in designing conceptual communication media. Websites incl. webshops. Peter Hillert, with a cultivated view of the essential, is a guarantor of creativity in the sense of meaningful imaginary and craftsmanship. The resulting ,,key-visuals” are indispen­sable for marketing sucess in art and commerce. As a team player with a compre­hensive network, he offers premium quality, enriched in conceptual thinking, design and production. Full service in the field of content production and content manage­ment for print and web. Conceptual photography in and outdoor, high-end image editing, desktop publishing, prepress, printing processing, corporate identity and corporate design, advertising design, books, billboards brochures, covers city­ lights, audio cd dvd design, flyers, mailings, calendars, catalogs, logos, posters, roll-ups for trade fairs and events…

Artist Statement



Imagination, images have power. They are one of our most important means of expression.They motivate and influence our thinking and feeling and acting.

Images are created in the head during the photographic process.

Analytical vision is the basic for all visual perception and interpretation. We human think in images that trigger emotions of us. These images can separate or join. Shapes, colours and contrasts awaken the deepest human needs and desires. Information is transported by means of pictures. Images have a direct effect on the different levels of consciousness – the past – the present – the future. The eye, as the most important sensory organ, serves as an instrument for communication between sender and receiver. these keyvisuals” motivate thoughts and emotions.

Aestetics is the expression of our empathy, our insights, conceptually in the creativity of the visual worlds to be designed.