Located in the heart of Karlsruhe, Germany. A vibrant cultural city in the border triangle of Germany, Switzerland, and France. DCS CONTEMPORARY produces exhibitions, publications, discursive, and learning experiences to forge an interpretive understanding of local and global phenomena in art and society.

The gallery works with talented local and global artists of renowned stature and offers spaces to young artists it considers promising. We support our artists in dynamic exhibitions and projects and pay special attention to our audiences and clients’ intellectual and aesthetic interests. Creating bridges between artists and art passionate.

With over 20 years of experience in the arts, Founder and Director Dr. Dana Corina Schmidt embrace diasporic voices, utilizing the space as a platform for exhibitions, museum visitations, public lectures, performing arts, new media. As well as a meeting point for artists, curators, scholars, and writers.

Contemporary Art Gallery

Karlstrasse 43, 76133 Karlsruhe
E: gallery@dcscontemporary.com www.dcscontemporary.com



Place of birth: Pechea, Galati

Date of birth: 7th July, 1958


Art studies:

  • 1980 – student of painter SABO STELIAN from Gherla, Cluj, Romania.
  • 1981 – student of painter VASILE POP from Cluj, Romania.
  • 1982 – student of painter SIMION MARCULESCU from Galati, Romania.
  • 1992 – student of the MOORABBIN COLLEGE OF T.A.F.E. Visual Arts College in Melbourne, Australia.
  • 1996 – graduate of the ”MONASH UNIVERSITY” Visual Arts Faculty – ceramics section.


  • 1980 – 1987 – participates in solo and group enhibitions in Romania and Germany.
  • In 1987 he settles in Melbourne, Australia. From that moment on, he participates insolo and group enhibitions in Australia, Spain, Germany, U.S.A. and Romania.
  • 2004 – solo exhibition in Karlsruhe, Germany. Organized by doctor Dana Corina Schmidt.
  • 2004 – his works are promoted by by professor Angela Dibello at Agora Gallery in New York.
  • September 2007 – solo exhibition at the Museum of Visual Arts of galati, Romania.
  • February 2008 – solo exhibition at ”Tonitza” Galleries in Barlad, Romania.
  • March 2008 – solo exhibition at ”Carpatica”Arts Hall in Cluj, Romania.
  • September 2008 – solo exhibition at ”Artemis” Art Gallery in Targu Mures, Romania.
  • October 2009 – solo exhibition atb the Metropolitan Cultural Centre for Youth in Bucharest, Romania.
  • November 2010 – solo exhibition at ”Constantin Brancusi” Art Galleries in Bucharest, Romania.
  • 2012 – 2019 – The Autumn Salon of Romanian artists from Galati, Romania.
  • 2018 – promoted by Bluethumb Online Gallery, Australia.

He has wroks in private and public collections in Europe, Canada, Australia, and America.


Henri Matisse once said “Do I believe in God? Yes, when I work. When I am submissive and modest, I feel myself to be greatly helped by someone who causes me to do things that exceed my capabilities.”

Do I believe in God? Yes, if I believe that he is the creator and he makes possible games of colour in which I actively take part and, as a result, I bring happiness to many people.

My favourite subjects of painting are inspired by nature. My paintings reflect my interaction with nature throughout my life, beginning with my childhood years.

I am possessed by a creative virility impossible to stop. I work with impasto by treating it as the primordial matter from which I create my world. The use of movement and texture reflect my state of mind in that moment.

My work is a fruit of reverie than of direct observation of the visible universe. I am free from classical ways of representation.

My favourite themes, approached in an expressionist manner, sometimes having Van Gogh-ish influences, are my great openings: the sky, the sea, the plains. On the large surfaces I paint on any visual chromatic miracle comes true, any composition becomes possible. But the only “characters” that dwell in my frames, without shapes, are the natural elements: flowers, trees, grass, the link between earth and sky.