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With over 20 years of experience in the arts, Founder and Director Dr. Dana Corina Schmidt embrace diasporic voices, utilizing the space as a platform for exhibitions, museum visitations, public lectures, performing arts, new media. As well as a meeting point for artists, curators, scholars, and writers.

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Cosme Rada

Cosme Rada

Mexican artist, specialized in photographic production.

Through his work he seeks to ask about various topics that border on the human and the natural through a visual and elemental dialogue that is generated between the object, the lens and the observer. He develops his proposal from a time-space perception of the environment, combining it with philosophical concepts at the time of the conception of images to build a language of argumentative depth and harmonic assemblages of forms within his compositions, making use of the geometric , the aesthetic, the numerological, the symbolic, the golden zone and the various planes conjugated and accentuated by detailed vanishing points, generating a complex and rich set of elements within the shot. Without a defined style, the search for it is imperative for the expression of the image through the visual impact and the aesthetics of the frames, trying to make a technical artifice of the highest possible quality before each photograph; His way of handling and proposing his photographic production can become eclectic, since it fuses photography once made with various types of concepts, ranging from installations, lighting circuits, to the use of elements such as water in transparent modules or projection of large-format images in Urban Spaces.



There are certain patterns, frequencies that in turn become a type of language, signs of communication between the tangible and untangible; they act as information networks involving objects in an optimal way, these patterns arise before certain physical phenomena or by the influence of time, especially when a force or energy accumulates incides these patterns, creating between them a connection that obeys structurally geometric forms and originally natural, making them coincide in a harmonic order.

An example of these patterns are “Alpha-type electromagnetic frequency brain waves” which our brain emits to enter a state of relaxation and which are precursors of aesthetic perception and appreciation, creative visión and even clairvoyance; These frequencies reproduce a specific and constant language in the forms of their waves, which arise under a measured rhythm in calm mental states.

One of the similarities between Alpha brain waves and the Dunes of Altar Desert in Sonora is that calm that induces the emission of said patterns and frequencies of information, linking our human thought with the encoded language that the wind has marked over time on the sand in its gradual slip, incessantly transforming it, recreating a dialect between dune and dune, as if it were those waves of thought “Alpha” but typical of the Desert, which seeks and manages to communicate with our thought by creating a link that contributes and sustains a visual perception harmoniously coinciding with the subtlety of its forms, discovering its secrets protected in time.



“Art is an abstract, philosophical and metaphorical concept, which due to the multifaceted and ethereal nature of its characteristics is indefinable despite pretending to place it as a way of life or way of working; Nobody can know where and how it arises despite being able to manifest it under the accumulation of knowledge, acquired techniques or even innate abilities called “a gift”. Just as it is inaccurate and impossible to know which work or when it will be considered art, thus, art is something more similar to what “light” and “dark matter” represent and manifest in existence; we do not really know its origins, scope, composition or implications, however it is something that exists fortuitously and becomes essential for balance in human life and the universal.”   Cosme Rada


The purpose of its development in the arts is to create a greater appreciation and visibility of photography within spaces intended for art and before society in general, so that it is seen as a source of ideas and expression, both artistic and cultural.

It has 6 individual exhibitions and more than 20 collective exhibitions in various states within Mexico and in different countries such as France, Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic and Croatia.